outLOUD Studios is one of the leading entertainment & media communications companies in Malaysia. Founded in 2003, outLOUD Studios has since diversified, and now provides a comprehensive range of services related to the entertainment and media communications industry.
        outLOUD Studios is well known for its exceptional client service focused producers, superior full-fledged Film & TV production, post production audio/visual production quality, that is attributed to its cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment. outLOUD Studios services include Electronic Field Production units, Multi Camera Production units, offline and online video editing suites, non-linear digital editing suites, audio post-production suites as well as tape transfer, digital mastering and standards conversion facilities.
        outLOUD Studios aims to lead, not only the Malaysian but also Asia's creative content industry. In this context, outLOUD Studios actively combines its creative and commercial strengths with technical know-how in the development of its content brands and activities.


TV Commercials

outLOUD Production is able to provide services such as creative conceptualisation, storyboarding, pre-production, production, post-production up to final delivery of BETA tapes for broadcast or 35mm cinematic presentation. outLOUD Production has been serving government agencies, local companies, multinationals and foreign clients throughout the years.

Corporate Videos

outLOUD Production specialises in High Definition end-to-end digital format for both video and audio production. Utilising unique creativity, in-depth understanding of technology and an experienced team in production management, outLOUD Production has produced a variety of presentation videos for many local conglomerates and multinational companies.

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Audio & Music Production

outLOUD Records has perfected the art and science of audio production services ranging from composition, music arrangement and scoring, studio and field recording, mixing and mastering, thereby enabling the production of high quality singles, remixes and other forms of compositions for a diverse clientele ranging from popular international recording artistes to multinational advertising agencies for various audio production services such as multiple musical genres of singles, albums, jingles, corporate songs, theme songs, dubbing, motion picture music score, foley and sound effects.

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Artiste & Repetoire Management

Our Artiste are some of the most sought after entertainment industry show performers in Malaysia for concerts, stage shows, motion pictures, product endorsements and television shows.


We are here to provide you with the most entertaining performers to make your dream Event come true. All outLOUD entertainers are carefully screened for both quality and reliability to ensure that they are, without question, the best entertainers in their respective fields before we agree to represent them.

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outLOUD Events is the leading event management specialist that creates experiential events for organizations to capture the hearts and minds of people while delivering a branded customer experience.

outLOUD Events has conceptualized, managed and produced a diversified range of events serving the corporate and government sectors. From seminars, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, ballroom events, outdoor events, sports events, road shows, we have been successful in producing a variety of events for our clients in the region.

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We provide creative visual images that communicates brand messages with simple yet effective designs. We offer our clients more than just design solutions; we offer them insight and intuitive understanding of what it takes to build a successful brand design. Every project we create is founded on a proven development methodology that is based on intelligent strategy, sound design and a well defined communication message. By leveraging on our extensive experience and expertise, we can provide our clients with proven business results.

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The outLOUD Stage was set up within outLOUD Studios with the following objectives: staging meaningful shows, nurturing Performing Arts in the young, providing acting, music, dance, creative movement, and singing opportunities through our popular ‘Open Mic Nite’. outLOUD Stage was also set up as a performance and rehearsal venue to develop the Malaysian Performance Art scene by providing space so that performances could be held on a regular basis.

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The Academy was founded to develop and enhance the competency of filmmakers and actors specifically for the Malaysian entertainment industry.

outLOUD Academy offers short workshops in Filmmaking, Acting, Directing Producing, Screenwriting, Editing, Cinematography, TV Production and Photography. Each program is structured for students who want intensive training and professional facilities better preparing them for a career in the filmmaking and entertainment industries.

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